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greetings and questions

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Dec 25, 2003
Hey yall,

This is my first post on this forum...and not the last to b sure!

anyways, I will be upgrading very soon(YAY!!) and I have some questions.
1) is there a OC noobs guide???
2) I am getting an AMD processor to go with my as of yet unpurchased Abit NF7-S V2 but I cannot decide. The 2800 is in my $ range but which one? Do I get the 512 FSB (barton) or the other Thoroughbred which it seems has greater MHZ? Is the 2800 werth it??
3) I understand that pretty much any new Athlon is un-OCable......right??? But that one COULD boost the FSB.....?
4) locked/unlocked means(to me anyway) a un-OCable/OC-able chip.
5) for me to boost my FSB I need to have 3200 or greater RAM??

k I think that is al I can think of 4 now but I am sure I'll post more questions soon.


Senior Benchmark Addict
Feb 4, 2003
SF Bay Area
Read those guides carefully, just about every aspect of a system, from the memory to the power supply, is pertinent to an overclock.

Locked simply refers to the multiplier. The processor's speed still can be changes, as changing the front side bus does change the processor's speed. Welcome to the forums, and good luck!


Oct 1, 2003
i have a 2500 barton and it rocks,
and i'm a noob as well, with the 2500 barton you can just up the
fsb to 200 and you're at 3200+