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Grrr, nforce2 boards are expensive!

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May 25, 2002
There will be three ABIT mainboards based on the new chipset from NVIDIA, according to the source, each of the novelties will have different price:

NF7, based on the nForce2 SPP will cost 159 Euros;
NF7-S, based on the nForce2 SPP and equipped with Serial ATA / FireWire ports will be priced at 239 Euros;
NF7-G, based on the nForce2 IGP with integrated graphics core will be sold for 179 Euros;

How much is a Euro nowadays?
Holy crap, THAT SUX, I just checked out -Master's post about ASUS's versions, and this sux, ASUS is gona be expensive a all he** for there board equiped w/ the MCP-T and the IGP (the combo I want), and ABIT wont even bemaking one. DAMN

Excise my language but this extreamly sux.
Oni said:
OC-Masters' price was Canadian Dollars. That'd be about $150 for you.

Hey, you wanna be on the bleeding edge, you have to pay for it.

Just didn't think the bleeding was going to be coming from my wallet :D
$150 is not bad for a new chipset. I still say wait for the second revision. The price may edge down a bit, and motherboards are so complex, they'll work out some of the bugs.
how long do you think until the 2nd revision...
motherboards have to be near perfect for them to be considered shipable. They wont send out a product with tons of bugs because it is so vital. I would expect these boards to be really good since there was such a big delay in release:burn:
if the reviews are good, for these initial models im gonna hook up with a abit nf7 spp:p
Like Oni said, if you want to be bleeding edge... Though I really think $150 is not a bad price to pay for a brand-spanking new mainboard. Plus, you often get what you pay for, and since a mainboard is so vital, I would rather pay a few extra bux and get something (that had better be) good quality than something cheaper and questionalbe...

Just my 2 cents...