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Grrrrrr......got hosed....should I ...?

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New Member
Mar 22, 2001
Picked up a fan/heatsink that is basically BS of what it was advertised.....said close to 50CFM air moved. Turns out it is a Vantec P3-5030.....doesn't even do much more cooling than my generic 2 fan/HS. Possible I need more grease on the SOB but I don't feel much more air coming out of it. Here is the question: Should I bother packing it up and shipping it back at a 15% restock + shipping costs, or just pick up a couple decent output 50mm fans? (Will it take a 60mm fan?) The HS itself has a much better design than my old HS. I figure with restock and shipping I could be over $12 with which I could buy 2 Top Motor 50x20mm 5800rpm, 19.5CFM fans and pay only a little bit extra for shipping. Hell I think a GORB would cool better than this HSF as it stands now. And just so I know, how much grease should there be? Should it just go on the top of the chip, or also be around the sides? (Again, wondering if I put the grease on wrong)

Here are the specs for the HSF I got:
Works with Intel Pentium III SECC2 Processors Only
Designed and tested for overclockers
Blazing 5200RPM fan speeds!
Slip-On Cap, 3-pin Power Connector for monitoring
Dual Double Ball-Bearing for superior life!
25CFM per fan, ultra Quiet
Each fan is 50x50x10mm (Total fan size 137x59x45mm)
Aluminum Alloy 6030 T5 Heatsink for FAST heat dissipation

(All I can say is the fans are marked Vantec and the design is the P3-5030....their ain't no way in hell this thing is pushing 25CFM per fan, I think I would have felt a difference in airflow over my old HSF)

If I have in fact been screwed (which it certainly appears to be the case), I caution others to avoid 3dcool.com like the plague......any helpful advice would be appreciated and laughter is fine as well (I deserve it) :D
I wouldn't spend more than something is worth just to get rid of it so keep the fan...might come in handy later for something else even if it does suck.

As far as grease goes, only a very VERY tiny bit is needed directly on the die itself. You are only closing gaps in area between the heatsink and die that are pretty much invisible to you. The layer of grease should be nearly transparent. If this doesn't fill the space then your heatsink is not sitting flat on the die which is a whole other story.
Thanx for the reply Jon.....one small thing. You didn't mention whether I should pick up some higher speed/higher CFM 50x20mm fans to replace the ones on this HSF. :D