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GRUB error?

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Jun 5, 2004
Ok, my aptitude for screwing things up seems immense.

I installed a new hard drive, used ranish partition manager and it was all good, I partitioned the new drive into 2 drives. One of the partitions was just FAT32 to store stuff in windows, the other was a partition running linux.

I decided to re-do the new drive so I deleted the partitions on it and just re-made one fat32 partition.

Now when I turn the computer on it either brings up something in a DOS like screen about "BASH-like line editing", and when I disconnect the hard drive and turn it on like it was before I get a "hard drive GRUB error".

Could anyone tell me what is going on?


Jan 17, 2004
Your boot loader, GRUB, can't find your linux partition because you deleted it. Now since you only have windows you can boot to your XP install CD and hit R to go to the recovery console. Then type fix fixmbr then reboot and see if that works. If it doesn't, go back to the recovery console and type fixboot. That will write your stock windows boot loader to the MBR.

EDIT: Before you do these things, how many harddrives do you have? I'm assuming you had one for windows and another for storage & linux. Now you just want one for windows and one for storage. It sounds like maybe you just need to go into Ranish partition manager and make your storage hard drive not active and mark your windows partition active.


Jun 5, 2004
Thanks... I actually got it working as it was before, with Linux.

I would have tried your suggestion but the "wooooonderful" people at MESH computers plc. decided to put an administrator password so I couldn't repair the C drive.

In the end I just re installed linux on drive 2; the problem was in the boot selector, i.e., it wasn't there. Now all I need is to reformat entirely so that I can set a new admin password.

MESH also seem to have felt the need to put a small and apparently useless 2 GB hidden partition on my main drive. :S