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GT 630 Overclock + Overvolt!!!

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New Member
Mar 23, 2016
Hello everyone! My name is Luiz Paulo and I'm from Brazil... Yesterday I decided to overclock and overvolt my GT 630... And I'm here to share some results with you!!
1- I maked hardware overvolt, placing a resistor on PWM IC of the Buck converters! First 1,18V (+100mV) and after 1.225V (+145mV). I have maked an 1.02GHz overclock with success!
2- The temperature incrased in 5°C... I've placed another fan on radiator... The IC is two (one for memory and another for GPU) uP 1503 (pin6-feedback and pin3-gnd), the resistor needs to be placed in these pins (6 and 3), i suggest tu put an potentiometer to adjust the voltage. Some pics: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B7pGfVvqaphAaWtNRDFHOTVIM2c&usp=sharing

I will post benchmarks soon, now, i'm using this graphics card to mine NEVA coins... (low diff, new coin).

I think I can incrase more the frequency if I incrase more the voltage too... For now, with 1,225V 1020MHz is the maximum with good stability (667 MHz memory to 733MHz).