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GT A-Spec cheats?

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Yeah that's about as close of a cheat you can get. Unless of course you go out and get a GameShark. I know there's a code out there that will get you the lambrogini Diablo "Nomad" that was disabled in the US and UK versions.

For me the lack of cheats in the Gran Turismo series is what made it so appealing to me. For once I've actually had to get better at a game to succeed at it. I couldn't just plug in some cheat and be done with the game in time to return it to blockbuster. (like I've done with a bunch of games)
yeah i understand.. I have a Cheat card for Grand Turismo1 lol the Driveing Tests where way too hard!! and I got man and Broke the MightNight Blue Playstation Controler I won from Playstation.com...
lol the Brakeing tests where not bad..But The B-Class Lisence..man No way I could pass the Computer time... I got fed up with it...lol
I warned you that it was dumb. hehe

the b-class wasn't that bad.

have you done the tests on GT3 yet? they're soooo simple. except for the rally license and the super license

they go along these lines.....

Instructor: Here, take this crappy car.
Me: ok.
Instructor: Now I want you to complete a lap of this 1.4 mile course in one minute 14 seconds.
Me: Ummmm.... this car only goes 60mph max.
Instructor: And keep it one the track or you fail immediately
Me: Ummm this car is crap. I couldn't do it if I tried.
I don't have a Ps2 yet...I'm still decideing if I should get one or now..because I can use that money for a Geforce4 4600 or something else..