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Jul 15, 2016
Hello guys ... I have some issues while playing GTA 5 Online on my PC. I'm playing for 1 month and it's been +- 2 weeks I'm trying to resolve my game crash problem ... I reinstalled the game, drivers, lower my graphics but it's still crash. I had 2 errors D3DERR_DEVICELOST the first I saw on a forum that it was cause by an non-used connected controller .. i disconnected it and when the game recrashed the log file content was completely different from the last crashes ... so I hope you will be able to help me solve this

crash report : http://www.cjoint.com/doc/16_07/FGpsgOeCbzW_launcher.log

Z87-k ATX
Intel I5 4460
Gigabyte GTX 960 G1 Gaming 2GB
WD Blue 1TB HDD (Game on this drive)
Kingston 256GB SSD
Corsair CV600M
Windows 10
Is the install of 10 an upgrade or a clean install?
When you reinstalled the drivers did you use DDU?
I'd look at trying a clean install of 10.
DDU is Display Driver Uninstaller, it makes sure you have all remnants of old drivers nuked.
if i try a clean install will i have to enter a licence because i don't have my w8 licence i lost it
i just finished reinstalling NVIDIA drivers with DDU
Win10 will activate immediately, it is tied to Microsoft servers by your hardware.
If you want the key there are softwares to pull it out for your viewing.
One I used in the past was MagicJellybeanKeyFinder, but it has been a couple of years.
i did everything on the video and it still crash and i did disconnected every thing that was connected and not used ... all that is still connected is my keyboard + mouse + razer kraken chroma and the sound plugged in my screen

- - - Updated - - -

the game launch ... but after +-45 min i crash and i get this error code in the log file
i have an corsair h75 so my temps cant be high enough to burn my cpu ahahah

this crash
cpu : 48
gpu : 46
that error is graphics related, either the driver is crashing or something totally unrelated. Although when driver crashes you would notice.

Do you have any additional hardware in your computer?

(edit: I know what I said earlier doesn't really make sense but try to answer the question anyway :p)
zantal, actually what you state makes sense, my gta-5 develops issues with sound and headphones, I have gta-5 on it's own ssd and a copy of that in a folder on another spinner, when the issue raises it's ugly head I just copy and paste the file from the spinner over it and off I go.