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Jul 25, 2001
anyone have gta3 installed that could possibly copy these files
from there gta3/data directory so i could play with out reinstalling cause i accidently deleted them when i was modding gta3


heh, i messed those up so many times when i was modding cars and stuff. i'll be installing GTA3 again in a few hours, if nobody else gives those to you by then i'll send them to you.

(for anyone that want's to know, the CFG file is where you mod the car's handling and stuff, the IDE file is where you make your map mods)

EDIT: PM me your email addy and i'll send them to you. my dad had it installed.
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wait nm i ended up just reinstalling and got this sweet new lambrigin murcelgolgo or something like that
that's a little further then i went with GTA3 before i quit messing with it. i was more into map modding and texture mods for the cars. (i made a real M5 mod for the mafia sentinal, looked like the real thing not like those wannabe M5 mods)

there was a site called www.gta3mods.com that had tons of modding info but i havn't been able to get to it. either they moved or shut down.

EDIT: that site is back online!! :D i have some catching up to do.
Great game and I'm very disapointed Vice City isn't available for PC

Anyway If I tried modding the car I would end up with this If I was lucky

yeah well i got the hang of modding now but im going to try to get a screen shot of all my new cars togethar
wildbilly2k said:
yeah well i got the hang of modding now but im going to try to get a screen shot of all my new cars togethar

please do. i would love to see what other people can do around here. i'll try to do a few mods later, i'm a little out of practice though.
here is one of my dodo in my 500 second flight before i ran into a building cause i got caught in one of the slow down jump things.


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last time i modded all you could do was change the textures. how do you change the entire model?

(after seeing your cars i decided to try a few of the things i wanted to try before)