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Gtx 1060 or Rx 480 regarding to make it futureproof

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Jul 17, 2016
Guys, I need your suggestions to choose between 480 8 GB out 1060 6 GB..
both are available between 21k - 23k roughly so overall same price...
WHY RX480 - 8 GB vram, async compute (important one),dx12 performance better than 1060(future proof)

WHY GTX1060- low power consumption, vr support better than 1060, DX 11 better than 480

So guys my prime requirements are good DX 12 or Vulcan support and vr support but neither one of these card distinctly overpower other in both terms...I have used both cards of both company previously so don't have any issue over both company.... Plz help m choose over both

Current specs-
Cx-500 w
H110-k nai
Gtx 960
8gb ddr4 ram

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Gulper Nozzle Co-Owner
Dec 15, 2008
That's the thing about Vulkan... we don't know if it is going to take off. A game or two are showing some nice gains from the AMD camp, there are several more games to come out by 2017 that use it. But so far, its not that many. Then we need to see the scaling we have seen do so across all titles. So, perhaps towards the end of their life, assuming Vulkan takes off and you play those games, the 480 could be a better card in those titles. I am a betting man, but I would rather take what I know than base a decision off what if's. :)


Benching Team Leader
Jan 2, 2005
Both are about the same but GTX1060 is generating less heat and overclocks much higher without any voltage adjustments ( so almost no additional heat ). Even if RX480 will be faster in some titles then it doesn't mean that on GTX1060 you won't be able to play. It can be slower and then maybe overclocking will fill the gap.
I have RX480 so it's not that I'm on the green side. Simply GTX1060 seems better option for a gaming PC right now.