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GTX 970 Crash

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New Member
Feb 24, 2018
Hello, i looked through this Forum but didnt find anything that fits my Problem.

I try to overclock my Nvidia GTX 970 G1 Gaming 4gb a bit.

It´s overclocked anyway but i run at the moment:

Core Voltage (mV) = +0

Power Limit = 112%

Temp. Limit = 91°c

Coreclock = +140 MHz

Memory Clock = +320 MHz

Fan Speed = Automatic

I Overclocked it with MSI afterburner and tested it with Unigine Valley Benchmark on Ultra settings.

The Problem is that when i run 10MHZ more on the Core clock or Memory Clock my games are Crashing (in Fullscreen) or Turn Black for some seconds and reset the Clocks to Basic (in Frameless Window mode)

That happens sometimes on 55°c or even at 68°c <- Higher it didnt Raise

In Valley benchmark i topped it at 73°c

i would have no problem with Higher the Voltage but that makes no difference for the clocks.

I can push the clock higher while benchmarking and just turn some voltage up when there are artifacts until it´s stable but get the same problem ingame.

(Video Driver denied the access to the application)
i use a german client, i hope i translated it "Okay".

With +140 / + 320 there is no error. btw. GPU load was arround 50-60%

so it can´t be the Heat, it cant be the Voltage as i raised it up for tests.

Any Ideas?!

Thanks in advance to everyone here.