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GTX 980 Ti connection question

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May 13, 2014
Hi all. First time connecting one of these and not 100% sure if this is how it goes so wondering if anyone can guide me. (Yes I YouTubed it but every time I saw someone connecting it was 2 separate cables and mine is just 1..... You will understand what I mean from my question bellow).

So this Ti has x2 8 pin headers. I know it's for like the extra power or whatnot. So I found in my power supply case, GPU cables. It's 1 cables that has x2 8 pins for the GPU. So when I look at videos it's always separate. Mine seems to have the x2 8 pins needed on 1 cable (picture bellow).

Is that correct or do I need to connect another one with 8 pins so it's 2 separate cables?



Sim Racing Aficionado Co-Owner
Jun 28, 2012
The only time using two separate cables would give a benefit is if you're overclocking to the moon and back. (Read: flashing the BIOS and running custom water cooling or taking it cold)