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GTX960 OC using EVGA Precision-Core Clock Problems

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New Member
Sep 11, 2016
Hello, first time posting here. I'm currently trying to OC my GTX960 as the title suggests. I did some research and found that overclocking past 50mhz base clock is about the limit for stability, so i have it OCed to that, and the same thing for 500mhz memory clock. During some games, like Wolfenstein, this works fine, a steady clockrate. In others, such as WoW, the clock rate fluctuates heavily, down to 800, back up to 1400, and anywhere inbetween. Is this something to do with the OCing, or the games themselves not utilizing the card well? I'm attaching a SS of when WoW is open, what a clock speed looks like.
Thanks for the help in Advance.

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My bad on the Edit, didn't realize I took it like that, but it's still viewable.
Wow is really old game which is not using full potential of new graphics cards. It runs good on much slower cards so I assume that card is "boring" and is setting lower clock. I wouldn't worry if you have enough FPS. As you see more demanding games run at higher clock.
You can also try with different drivers but I'm not sure if it's going to help.