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Guys how do i modify my ABIT KT7-Raid to go higher than 1.85 V?

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Dec 19, 2000
Miami, FL USA
Guys i've seen some articles where the ppl mention that they've increase the cpu voltage higher than 1.85 by modifying the motherboard. If you have any links on how to do that or could give me any information on how to do it, I'll really appreciate it!
I'm pretty positive that my case and heatsink fan have enough ventilation to support a little bit more than 1.85V i have 11 case fans and a Alpha Pal6035 ! and my Tbird runs a very low temperatures, that's why i would like to try a bit more voltage
Here is a better way. There is no need to dink around with fixed resistors. Every board I have done has required slightly different values. Recommending the use of fixed resistors is irresponsible journalism.

Solder wires to Pin 7 and Pin 10 of the IC that controls the voltage to the CPU. Put a 47K trimmer (49 cents at Radio Shack part # 271-283) between each wire and ground. Use a spade lug or loop under a motherboard mounting screw for your ground connection. For convenience I suggest you mount the trimmers on a piece of breadboard and secure it to your motherboard tray with Velcro.

Pin 7 controls the voltage, Pin 10 controls maximum voltage threshold. Turn the trimmers to full resistance boot your PC and start VIA Hardware Monitor. Set the polling interval to 2 seconds and slowly dial up the pin 7 trimmer until the voltage peaks. This should be about 2.1 volts. Then dial up the Pin 10 trimmer until your screen blanks and back it off a tad. Your PC will probably reboot when the screen blanks. Go back into VIA Hardware Monitor and dial the Pin 7 trimmer up to 2.3 volts. You may be able to go higher but I don’t recommend it.

Caution this will stress your cooling. Be careful or your CPU could end up a crispy critter. I also suggest buying a third hand device from Radio Shack to hold a pre-tinned wire to the IC leg while you solder. The magnifying glass on the third had will come in handy too. Get in and out fast so you don’t toast the IC. Lay off the caffeine and if you are of age, have a beer a half hour before soldering to steady your hands.

Be sure to tie your wires down to the board. After doing several boards, I finally screwed one up. The mod went fine but I snagged the wire to Pin 10 on the end of my workbench and ripped the IC pin right off the board.