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Guys, I need your opinion on this watercooling kit - Please Help!

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Nov 19, 2002
I'm contemplating whether or not to get this kit. H20+

The price isn't that bad and I've already sorted a few freebies :)

I know that the only downside to this kit is the tubing, but I'm sure that I can remedy that(1/2" tube) down the road.

Not only does the kit look professional, but I think it'll suffice for cooling down my [email protected](currently using volcano 7 /w ystech adjustable fan - cpu 40cidle, 43cload, 20cmobo)

Here are some reviews that I've found regarding this particular product.

Done right here @ overclockers.com

Space2000+ - modthebox.com

Essentially, the space2000+ and the h20+ kit are similar except for the waterblocks. For further info/review it can be found here.

So what do you guys think?
I appreciate for your time and feed back.

Thanks in advance.
Nikko :)
Stay away from kits and buy seperate componets. First you will be rewarded having built your system and secondly they cool much better. There is plenty of info. regarding what to buy and not to buy.
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As DV said, build it yourself. get comfortable with what watercooling is, what each component does, etc. Then pick out the parts individually. Remember what they say in school... homework pays off. :D
Thanks guys. I was going to build a custom kit myself, and will do so now :)

Here's my setup.
Pump: Via 1300(What are your thoughts on this? - I can get it relatively cheap)

Heatercore: Chevette '87 OR i'll probably use my air-water 36" intercooler ;)

Water Block: Maze3
I'm still trying to decide whether or not I should get a WB for my gf4 and chipset(danger den)

Tubing: 1/2" tygon

And, I'm also stuck! I don't know if I'm going to use/build a custom resovoir or just stick /w a 'T' setup.

What do you guys think?
70 is softer and a little more flexible~ clearflex 60 can be stiff ~ i got mine from a special deal thats no longer avalible....
that works~ its silicon so you WILL LOSE water over time~ it seeps threw the tubing, but not enough to notice at ALL~ and a T line works great!
Man you "do it yourselfers" need to chill. There are kits out there that are every bit as good as a pick the parts. Some kits offer good heatercores, with the barbs all set, no sodering needed, and you get the convience of one stop shopping.

NEEDED, pump, heatercore, tubing, fittings, waterblock.

WHY would someone go to 4 different stores for the needed parts, THEN take time to modify the barbs, when you can buy THE EXACT SAME STUFF <mostly :) > all at one place?


Has such kits, other places do too.

I think most folks hear "KIT" and immediately think of the koolance type kits, with subpar radiators and poor flow and such.

Specifically on the kit in question from the origional poster, I'm not too sure on the radiator, it LOOKS like it may have more "turns" in the copper tubing, thus restricting water flow compared to some of the other heatercores out there.

Good luck!
NERD said:
The silicon tubing doesn't appear to be clear :(

So I've noticed too, it's kinda cloudy, but still clear enough to spot airbubbles. They get a bet better after you've washed them. Mine had a powdery stuff on them.
The Spyder said:
70 is softer and a little more flexible~ clearflex 60 can be stiff ~ i got mine from a special deal thats no longer avalible....

I think that you have that backwards Spyder. According to the manufacturer's information I have, Clearflex 60 has a lower hardness than the Clearflex 70 (Shore hardness of 55(A) versus 65(A)).