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Guys my Tbird 900mhz is going to BURN! HELP PLZ!!!!

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Dec 19, 2000
Miami, FL USA
First do any of you guys know what are the max temperatures for the AMD ATHLON cpus or know of a web page that might have that information?
My problem is that everytime I run an installation or even the program MP3 2 WAVE my cpu temperatures gets close to 48C and my pc shuts down... Is been doing it for the past 2 days, the same thing happends every time I run an installation.
Can anyone help me plz? I have 2 different heatsink fans http://www.coolermaster.com/products/cpucooler/fcpga/map/dp5-6h51.jpg and http://www.ocaddiction.com/articles/realorbs/chromeOrb.jpg.
and the samethin happends with both fans.
I'm not even o/cing my CPU Clock speed is at default (900mhz) and my Core V. is at 1.7
Like I said if anybody can help me I would really appreciate it.. I really don't know what to do or what the problem is.
I don't even know if 50C is TOO hot but all I know is that my pc shuts down every time it gets close to that :(

Ummm...the only thing i can think of is to check your heatsink and to make sure it is properly sitting down on your T-Bird. Also make sure the fans are working properly. Do you have any thermal paste? If not get some on there. Do not use Golden orb or any thing "ORBISH" it will destroy your chip...as many of us overclockers have found out. Amd's throw out alot of heat so buy a quality heatsink. By the way OVERCLOCK THIS BABY!!! BUT FIRST...get a better heatsink, thermal compound...and well...better temps!!!

Celeron II 700 @ 877 (83 fsb) 1.65v (1.7v default) 26.0 C idle 35 C full load. Ati Radeon @ 198 / 396 32 mb ddr.
The CoolerMaster looks like what I would call a "recycled Socket7 sink". That is, it is just a Socket7 heatsink with a new style clip that applies more force right at the center of the heatsink. In fact I have one that is made by CoolerMaster that is the same thing but black on top of a K6-2 300. Now that we have determined that the CM is inadequate lets look at the orb. Orbs are notorious for not being flat on the bottom. Lap it and see if that helps. How much thermal compound are you using? You are using thermal compound right? Don't trust you CPU to those "thermal interface pads". They will kill a Tbird/Duron. Make sure that you only use a tiny little bit of thermal compound spread thin. Hope this helps.
One more thing:

If you ever decide to overclock that thing, look in to better cooling. I highly recommend the Alpha PEP66, Alpha PAL6035, And GlobeWin FOP38 (if noise is ok). Anything less just will not cut it. These AMDs are barking off so much heat that is has forced many in to the liquid cooling arena.
Jeff Evans Thanks alot for your help!
When you me lap it what Sand paper # should I use? and I heard that I should lap the the core of the cpu too! should I ?

Hope you come back and see this msg :)

Thanks for your help!
OK Jeff, I am at it again! Where or When have you found proof that the CoolerMaster DP5-6H51 is an inadaquate. I have tested many coolers, and for the noise of the Alphas and GW FOP38, the Coolermaster is one of the better coolers for the money that don't make huge amounts of noise, and the Alpha and Global Win FOP38 do that very well. Yes, the cool, but I would hypothesize that if I put that damn big *** noisy fan and just about any good heatsink I would have similar cooling results as the Alpha. I run a CoolerMaster DP5-6H51 on the system I am using right now to type this up, and idle temp it 32C at 1100mhz. Case temp is 27C with one fan in front, under full load with Prime 95 or SETI, max CPU temp is 45C solidly. This is very well within a good cooling spec. Within 30 seconds the CPU cools to 38C on ending full load apps, about another 15 seconds and I am back to 32C. The difference here is 11F under full load. Now this may sound like a lot, but this is far from being a huge concern. Have you bothered to go to AMD website and read the tech docs they have on the Duron and Athlon T-Bird CPU's?? If so, I would like to see where it says 45C is hot, or where it says 39C is ideal temps, almost unattainable unless you deal with lots of noise. AMD CPU's are designed to run a little warm at these speeds. What everyone should be aware of is that if they only rely on the fan in the power supply to pull heat out of the system, than everything will run hot, and the best cooling you can add is a intake fan in front, and or rear exhaust to assist all components in shedding heat more effectively. If the CPU stays within reason under full load, focus on other parts. I have yet to see many people overclock the Tbird 1200 much past 1200, not really due to heat, but because the CPU is not good enough to go their. Exceptions do occur with extreme cooling, but lets not get into it.
It just so happened that I heard back from MeJa. His primary problem was not using thermal compound. Usinf it solved most of the problem. But as I am sure he will agree with me he needs a more effective cooling solution.
Hey You, The Tbird 900 can handle Temps up to about 85 C so don't worry to much I have a Tbird 800 with a Golden Orb Heat sink and it is running at 39 c idle. with 2 case fans. One you have your alarm in the bios set to low, it should be at around 60 C. if you have any questions e-mail me at. [email protected]
I'm new to the board but not o/cing. When it comes to lapping I know a thing or two thanks to a father with a sharpening business.

First off, NEVER lap the CPU core. That idea went out when the flip chips came in. I'll point you in the direction of a good thread on the subject to save my fingers the work. Ars Technica Forum .

On a side note, Friends don't let friends use Orbs.