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GW Fop32-1 with a 80mm fan ?

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Mar 13, 2001
Athens, Greece
Well I currenty have a fop32-1 on my tbird and now that I am writting this its 43-44c as MBM 5 indicates( it gets 48-51 with full load and stressing) while system temp is 26c
I was wondering if I would get a lower temp if I installed a 80 mm fan on the heatsink...( no 7k fans - yes noise is an issue)
Any ideas how to do that ? no screws on the heatsink...just the wire clip...
Can it be done ?
Yes, it can be done. Screw a metal fan grill to the side of the 80mm fan facing the heat sink. The metal clips will hook on to the grill and allow you to attach it to the heat sink. There are also 60 to 80mm fan adapters available.
I tried this with a 42.5 cfm Sunon 80mm fan and my temps actually went up by a couple of degrees C. I think others have had better results though.
I have the FOP-38 @ 7000 RPM and it screams its guts out, I have thought about doing this sort of mod myself.
My initial trial did not go so well, i put a 90mm fan onto a funnel made out of cardboard and tried it out, but alas my temps just kept going up and my overclocked A900 tripped out.
I would be vcery interested if you get good results, anything comparable to the 700RPM fan.
Good luck
Never thought of the grill idea....seems like a good idea. I am not too comfy with the idea of bending my clips. The fan adapters don't work on FOP's/WBK's since the fans don't attach with screws.

It's no problem to use tie-wraps to hold an 80mm fan on top of a FOP. I used a file to dull the sharpness of the fins on the corners where the cable-ties grab. Like seadog posted, a 42.5 cfm 80mm Sunon doesn't cool as well as a Delta 38. Personally, after seven months of listening to a Delta 38, I'll live with a slightly hotter CPU--for a while, anyway. If you want to try it, I suggest a 47 cfm Panaflo 80mm. Delta makes some monster 80mm's, but finding them ain't easy.

The solution(for a CII/PIII) is to put an Alpha PEP-66 on the CPU, then use a 60mm to 80/92mm fan adapter. This may also be the cheapest way to cool a T-Bird efficiently and quietly.
Yeh, you do need screws to attach the fan adapters - must have been asleep when I wrote that. I wasn't comparing the 80mm Sunon to a Delta38 though. In my setup, the Sunon wouldn't outperform even the standard 26.5 cfm fan on the FOP32-1.
Using the 60mm fan retainer clips to attach the 80mm fan works just fine. You're not really "bending" the spring clips, you're stretching the "spring" a little tighter is all. I am using a Sunon high output 80mm fan. This is the one rated 42.5 CFM, not the regular 80mm fan which flows less than the 60mm Delta 38. My 80mm fan cools the CPU at load, 0.5 degree cooler and the motherboard temp was 1 degree cooler than the 60mm Delta hairdryer. The reduction of noise was amazing, about 10 db, which is much quieter. Go for it, you'll be glad you did.
If you need fans go here the have a lot of stuff for air cooling fans, HSF's, blowers, chipsetcoolers, etc.... I use them all the time they are reliable too the only thing is you need an account on Yahoo to order I think but maybe not. :)
I have a 47cfm ys-tech 80mm fan on my FOP, this cools as well as a delta does but is a much less distinctive noise (case full of fans so volume doesn't make much differance it's the pitch), I mount mine slightly differant to most people, most people square it up with it overhanging about 10mm on all 4 sides, I line it up with the bottom on my heatsink (in a slocket the edge paralell to the slot conectors) then on one side I have it almost lined up (overhangnig about 1mm) and then let it over hang the other sides, I experimented with peices of plastic on the 2 overhanging sides to direct the air towards the heatsink more which knocked a further 1oC off my overall system temp (the only think my board monitors), I'll try to get a picture but this works a lot better than overhanging by 10mm on all sides

p.s. I use the springy clips to conect, they stretch out just right
I found that extending the two spring-wire fan clips to accomodate an 80mm was asking too much of these clips that are designed for a 60mm fan. If you're certain that you'll never need to mount a 60mm fan on your FOP again, bend away. Like I posted earlier, tie-wraps handle the job very well.
I mounted a 92mm fan pushing 50 cfm, using the existing clips and the wire finger guard.
Good results, much much much MUCH quieter and almost the same temps i was getting before.
Still working on modding my case though shall post a pic when i am done, wont be quite the work of art that other have done but...........
Ok guys ! I just did it ! As you can see I managed to mount the fan onto my fop !!!! Maybe its nothing great for you but it means alot to a newbie o'cer !!
and no broken chips !! the fop32 clip even with the 80 mm fan was relatively easy to use...
So my temps are about the same and the noise is much bearable !!!!
thanks goes to all of you for your help !!!
I wish I could make my 900 tbird go 133 fsb though..but no luck....but this belongs to another thread !
thanks again !
use the delta that comes with it and add a rheostat, I bought one from radio shack a 3watt and it works fine I reduced the rpm to 5500 and only gained 1* in my temp at full load. I'm at 40*c idle and 44 full load ,with a fop38 with a delta 60mm reduced to 5500 rpm it reduced the noise big time,I couldnt get the 80mm to work on mine either even with a adapter, temps kept going up. A7V133 1.2T-bird@1454