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H20 Cooling and hose diameter

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Dec 17, 2000
Portland, OR
First - My system is air cooled.

Ok, since that is out of the way. I was sitting in a rather boring physics lecture today, wondering how the size hoses that move the water in the system would affect the total heat carring capacity of the system. There is a bit of physics (more like fluid dynamics, but no matter - it's in my physics book) which basically has a larger diameter tube/hose/etc having a slower velocity (in comparision to a smaller diameter), which in turn allows more time to 'grab' heat.

Now granted, the part of the 'system' which has the largest part in getting heat is the waterblock, which in itself is rather limited in ability. And then the other next most important part is the radiator - which is limited, in the decreasing marginal return sense.

Am I just finding something to waste brain cells on (when i should likely be focusing on electro motive force) - or would this perhaps do something? Perhaps something to consider when there are two OC'd 1.2+ GHz thunderchickens with pelts on them...