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H2O Finely, and rad fan question.

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Feb 12, 2001
So Cal.USA.
Yep I have my Swiftech H2O setupm temp right now.

And have the fans sucking through the rad right now, which is for best performance, $uck or bl0w?

And I used dist water and Prestone 5/50, for the Orange color.

And my OC is up from 1.915 to 1.930 :)

Try them both. That question has more variables than I can give you a good answer.

Looks good tho. Congrats on the sys!
Yup, you have to try them both to see what works best for your setup. You may also want to consider making/testing a shroud out on your rad. Most people see better performance with one.
I think as long as air is moving THREW the rad it should work just fine.

Did you check to make sure that you got ALL THE AIR OUT? Did you SHAKE the water block and rad while the pump was on?

Robbie said:
PS what is the LOOSE fan for in the pic?

Yo Rob:

It is to COOL the "caps" net to the CPU, seeing the is no more fan to blow on them,from the HSF, hehehehe the Delta 68.6 CFM gone from there.

They do get warm without and air blowing on them,

Touch the caps next to the CPU and feel how warm the are :D

Here Is the setuo fo now. :beer:
That might be a good idea considering the posts on the frontpage about ad cap's turning up everywhere!