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SOLVED H2o + peltier= supercool? I hope!!!

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After the feed back from a previous post, im going to open up the back of my case to improve airflow over the radiator. just a few questions. Im getting a 118w pelt, will it cool a 900tb @1030? Or should I go w/a larger pelt? Also I have a 120ac to 20vdc wall adapter im not sure of the amps. will it power the pelt? thanks
It will cool it a little bit but I would go with a larger pelt. That wall adaptor will not have enought current to run that or any pelt. You'll need at least 7.5 amps at 15 volts to run that pelt and I've never seen a wall adaptor that can push that kind of current.
Yes and another thing. What if you forget to turn the pelt on and turn the system on. or what if you turn the system off and leave the pelt on! OUCH!!!
I would have to say that would hurt your cpu a bit!
You can set it up so that everything turns on when your computer does. I have a relay (can be bought from radio shack or jameco.com) which is hooked up to my 12v wires from my power supply. The 120VAC water pump is also hooked up to the relay. If there is no current through the 12VDC lines ( when my comp is off), then it does not allow the 120V to go through, turning off my pump. When there is a 12V current (comp is on), then the 12VAC gets to the pump and it runs. This is a very un-technical explanation and just tells you what is going on in the system. If you would like to try something like this, you can email me, find some site on the internet, or even ask a guy at radio shack how to set it up ( they'll know the electronics part, probably not the cooling part).

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