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SOLVED H80i and Athlon X4 750k voltage and heat problem

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Apr 8, 2014
Hey everyone! :D. I wanted to post this thread because I have some concerns about my newly purchased Athlon X4 750k and Corsair H80i. I bought this cpu to achieve and OC of 4.5GHz at the lowest temperature possible. I fisrt installed the cpu with a "modded stock cooler" the temps were alright at 41c-52c idle and 74c at 100% load in Prime95 large FFT everything at stock setting.I installed the H80i and temps were good, I guess. Idle=39c-44c idle and load 68c in Prime95 large FFT. I decided to overclock and got 4.5ghz with a CoreV of 1.4v 2500MHz NB and 100Mhz BLCK. The idle temps were still the same at 39c-41c, but load hit 72c max. I wanted to know if anyone have different settings that give a stable oc with low load temperature. After I OCed the CPU, my motherboard (Gigabyte GA-F2A88XM-D3H) kind of locked my Core voltage so I can't get back to the stock voltages, it's stuck at 1.344v and up. After this happend, voltages and wattage were ridiculous. According to HWMonitor at idle voltages went from 1.200V to 1.365v instantly. While web browsing, my temps go up to 51c-66c that is the same I get in BF4 in a 64-man server. I wanted someone to help me try to "reset my overclock" to start all over, to get the stock voltage of 1.212v. I'm completely sure I installed the H80i correctly with it's stock thermal paste running a push configuration.

PC Specs:
Case:NZXT Source 210
CPU Cooler: Corsair H80i
CPU:AMD Athlon X4 750k @4.5Ghz
RAM:8gb 4x2 DDR3 1333MHz
PSU:Corsair CX500M
HDD1:160gb 7200RPM
HDD2:250GB 5400RPM
GPU:EVGA GTX 760 2gb

PS: I'm planning to upgrade my PSU to a Corsair CX750M
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If you are wanting the bios to return to default settings, you should clear the CMOS. The manual for mobo should describe where and how to accomplish CMOS clear.
Thanks for replying, I cleared the CMOS with a flat head screwdriver and got the stock settings, this fixed my problem. :D Thank you so much.