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Hacked Bios for GA-71XE4

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New Member
Jan 5, 2001
Can anyone help me?
I have GA-71XE4 Mainboard and a AMD Duron 750 Processor. In a magazine I read, that overclocking Duron by changing multiplicator would make no Heat-problems, so I decided to do so. But neither on my mainboard nor in my Bios there is the option to change the multiplicator. A friend told me, that maybe there was a hacked Bios, in which you can set multiplicator free. So there is my question: Does anyone know about such a Bios? When you know pleas help me!
Bye Heuk
Sorry, but I think your up a $#it creek with out a paddle. Did you read your motherboards manual? It might have DIP switches, don't know though.
I also have this motherboard (GA-71XE4) with a 800 Duron. the only dip switches or pins on this Motherboard change the CPU Host Frequency the CPU Frequency (Multiplier) is controlled by the Bios and as far sa i know there isn't a patch for the BIOS, I've overclocked mine to 920 (115*8) not picked up the courage to mess around with the chip L1 settings. (with Pencil or leaded paint). but it's running nice at 920Mhz nice and cool at around about 45c and 1.5v and this is the first time I've done it.

I'm sorry I can't give you any positive advice on getting more out of your Processor or Motherboard.

anyone know if the mother board goes faster than 115mhz (The manual says not, but not all combinations on the dips switches are covered anyone managed to get more out of it.?)

also the website says this motherboard is a FSB of 200Mhz but the manual doesn't say anything on this matter not any ideas what they mean by this.. I'm new to these Athalon/Duron/Thunderbird I was using the K6-2 before.
Dude, I think you may be stuck. Toms Hardware had an article a while back about using the "L" bridges on the chip to change voltage, multiplier, etc. but I am pretty sure those Gigabyte mobo's can't change multiplier on their own. Never heard of any hacked BIOS or anything either.

As far as the 200 MHz FSB thing in the manual, what they are referring to is the fact that an Athlon uses the EV6 bus which transmits data on both the rising and falling edges of the clock cycle (DDR). The chip runs at a 100 MHz FSB, but it's effectively a 200 MHz FSB judging by the amount of data processed per clock cycle. As far as attainable FSB settings, you should be able to do about 110 MHz with that board, maybe 115 if you're lucky. KT133 based boards rarely go past 115 MHz FSB. If you want something higher you need a KT133A-based solution. Good Luck tweakin' your box.

Cheers Matey...
I have in fact got my MoBo running at 115Mhz (Very Stable too), Thanks for the info on the FSB stuff I found using WCPUID (version 3.0 beta1 by H.Oda) that my system is clocked my FSB at 229.99 DDR which I
presume it's more than 200 as I've overclocked the System clock to 115Mhz (it's really at 114.9 :) )

once Again Thanks