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Hacked WBK38 performing worse than Hacked FOP38?

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Senior Member
Dec 19, 2000
I have two GlobalWin Heatsinks in my two machines, the WBK38 and the FOP38. All the reviews I have read show the WBK38 to perform slightly better. This does not appear to be the case for me, however.

I have hacked both heatsinks to accept an ADDA HighOutput fan (39 cfm, very quiet). Bot processors are running at roughly the same speed (clocked the 1120 down to 1050 to compare), however the one with the FOP38 is running much cooler than the one with the WBK38. Both are decently lapped, both are properly attached to the SAME motherboard, and the FOP38 outperforms the WBK by several degrees Farenheit. While my one processor idles with the WBK38 idles around 82 F, the other idles around 77 F (this is after using WPCredit to enable the Asus boards to idle the CPU properly).

These temps are taken using a heatsensor which has been taped on to the bottom of the heatsink (didn't feel like going to the serious hassle of boring holes). That said, both sensors are about the same distance from the processor core (as close as I could possibly make it, without being concerned about it actually touching the core or damaging it during heatsink attachment). If anything the WBK sensor is slightly further away (because the heatsink base is larger).

Now, they are not the same heatsink design, so it's possible that the temp sensor reads higher on the WBK bottom, but the WBK is actually working better. It's also possible that the WBK just sucks, or at least doesn't work as well with the 80mm fan "hack". Please note that I am comparing idle temps...most reviews compare underload temps, so it is possible that the WBK actually cools better under load but cools more poorly at idle (I guess that would be a fair trade-off?).

Anyway, if anyone can explain this phenomenon to me, I would greatly appreciate it. I'll update later with under load temps. Also, please note that I experienced lower temps with the FOP when it was on the motherboard which now has the WBK, so that would seem to rule out different calibrations in the two boards' heat sensors.
I don't really know how much I would trust comparing different heatsinks on different processors. It could just be that the processor that you have the WBK on runs hotter than the one that you have the FOP on.
I think the idle temps is also a valid point, as one could be more idle than the other, whereas a CPU using 100% of it's clock cycles is using 100% of it's clock cycles. It's also possible that the ambient is different for each case. I would suggest, if you're serious about comparing them, is trying both on the same processor, and recording the ambient temp, idle, and load temps. This will help to eliminate the uncontrolled variables which could skew the results.
Ok, well, under load the one with the WBK heatsink runs MUCH cooler 102 degrees Farenheit compared to 111 degrees Farenheit for the FOP. I agree, to do a really good comparison I would have to use both heatsinks on the same processor in the same case, etc. That said, I'm happy with the performance of the WBK now, seeing as it runs cooler under full load and I can stand a few degrees higher under completely idle conditions. It may be just that the FOP is blowing more air down onto the motherboard and cooling the secondary heatpath more, allowing the chip to shed a few more degrees at idle.

Either way, not a big deal.
What is the tolerance or the heatsensor or thermistor you are using? +/- 5%? This along with a slightly diff placement could result in the diff you see even if the 2 cpu's temps.
there probably is not a huge difference in the two, but the fan hack being worse, that is interesting. Anyone with the resources want to fully test that hypothesis. Could be very enlightening.
u didn't say anything about the voltages. What voltages are u running in ur machines. Keep in mind that they should be the same.
Also are the procs and mobos the same, there are hundreeds of variables which make the comparison unfair.