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hanks really cheap water cooling VS arctic freezer pro 64.

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May 25, 2007
With Yahweh in Colorado
ok so i been putting some nice parts and together. during that time i bought a **** cheap koolance water cooling kit for my AM2.

i did not buy a refurbish kit it was used but in nice shape and dirt cheap.

for the before hand i was using a arctic freezer pro 64.
and u saw the crap kit i bought.
so how is it for the money? this is what i did. before installing the koolance kit i ran both cores up at 100% with cpu burn in for 10 mins with the freezer pro and did the same with the **** cheap WC.

also note that on both set ups AS5 was used on both.
the AS5 was broke in on the arctic pro and WAS NOT on the water cooling.

freezer pro temps.
At idle
room temp 66.4 F
core 1 26
core 2 28
cpu 35
@ 3.192 1.4 volt load up to 1.424.

cpu burn in for 10 mins 2 of them running both cores at 100%

core 1 48C
core 2 46C
cpu 45C

now note i watched the temps and looked for the highest point in both test.
note that the room temp was the same and that my water temp was running around 72-75F or around 22C i think.

koolance kit
water at idle same volt and MHZ.
core 1 23C
core 2 26C
cpu 33C

cpu burn in for 10 mins 2 of them running both cores at 100%

core 1 38C
core 2 37C
cpu 39C

Well there u go. the water cooling at these specs works better then the air. much better then i think some would think.

i also saw a drop in my video cards by a few deg C but a small rise in my mobo temps because there was no longer air blowing on the heat sink for it.

sorry for any miss spells or bad wording of stuff. its not my strong point.
well i had to get the AM2 brackets for the water block, distilled water, new hose and water wetter so bout 60 i think.
so i could go out and buy nice air cooling for that price or i can drop the money on **** cheap water cooling and end up with better temps.

i just pumped the voltage up to 1.55 on the 5600+ @ 3220 Mhz to see the heat and it runs nice and cool.
Hey for $60, can't beat that!

heck no for 60 bucks. on top of that it was a pain in the butt to set up. i had to jump through a few loops to set up it up. this pre-fab kit sets up on the inside of the computer. i had to set it up on the out side cause my mobo sits upside down.

i'll put up some pics later.

what sucks bout this hole thing is now i have to water cool my hole computer cause of the super temp drops i got.
The first time you go from air to water, that's it, you're hooked. Even if it's a craptastically done setup. My first setup was pretty bad. But it still ran circles around air.