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hard disk jumper selection

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Apr 26, 2001
what is the difference between using the hard disk with the jumper selection in "cable mode" and "master mode"?
i tried the jumper in the cable mode and everything seems to be just like it was before, when using the master selection. i have the hard disk as the primary ide and the cd-rom as the secondary, both as masters. please, is there a difference in my case?
also, my hd has 40GB, whne formatting it with the w2k installation disk the installation wont use 8MB. it shows the primary partition and another 8mb. is that normal?
i changed to the cable mode but i not verified if that 8mb r still not being used.


Sep 16, 2001
yes the 8MB, is normal its what windows requires to place the setup files from the CD onto your drive and use during setup

cable position jumper CS just places the drive that is on position zero(end of ide cable) as master and the middle IDE connector position drive as slave

you could see a problem if you select CS and the master is on the middle connector

not much dif otherwise, however I have had results using CS to recognize some difficult devices


Mar 7, 2002
San diego or UC Davis
One place I worked for over the summer had a few OEM computers that HDDs died. When we opened them up, the HDDs were all set to CS. We didn't think anything of it we just replaced them AND the IDE cables. WE set the new drives to CS just incase. When we booted up the mobo didn't work. Took us an hour till we figured maybe it was the cables. We replaced the IDE cables with the originals and then the drives appeared in the bios. Long Story Short (to late I know), the original cables all had had a small notch that was cut out of the IDE cords. Then someguy remembers from an A+ course I guess that when you use the CS setting you need to use a cable select IDE cord.

I know this doesn't apply to you in this case, b/c it seems like nothing is going wrong for you. But has this ever come up for anyone else. Or was the computer God just playing a mean Joke on us.