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Hard Drive Heatsinks

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May 31, 2001
i was wondering if it would be a good idea to put heatsinks on the chips on a harddrive. harddrives today can operate very hot, and i was wondering if it would be worth putting a few small heatsinks on the few chips that are on the harddrive.

and also, would this be a safe mod to make? i would put another fan on there, but im trying to keep it as quiet as possible, and i have descent air flow.

thank you.
I don't think that it would do much. Just as long as you have a fan blowing on it it should be fine. It's not the chips that get really hot its the spindle speed of the drive. I just modified my hard drive cage and put a fan on the bottom to help cool my hard drives down.

Just my 2 cents.

I have heard that putting a heatsink (486 type) on the larger chips can help, but your main problem is spindle heat. I dont know if you could rig a heatsink to the hd motor?