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Hard Drive shuts itself off.. Could it be my FSB?

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Krowa 02

Oct 3, 2002
Long Island New York
I was running at an FSB of 173 until my Hard drive began to turn off whenever I started playing games or reading websites (basicly randomly)

I went back down to 166, nothing yet, but it has crashed at 166 once before I went over to 173. I have a 40 gig western Digital 7200 RPM hd. I am looking for a new one but dont have the cash atm, but could its crashing be a result of my high FSB?

Its connected with my CD-Rom on the IDE Cable, maybe its a power issue? My board has failed to detect it once, but 5 seconds later it booted...

I have had this HD for about 14 months, and I have never had problems in my old rig.
Im using a 400 Watt PSU, my +5V is at 5.08 Ambient. I dont know what its like when I load a game though, but I doubt it goes much below 4.9.
I never noticed to many voltage problems with this PSU. I have been at 5.08 on my +5 line ever since I overclocked to 166 FSB and up.. I really dont have any idea wtf is going on and its making me mad :(
That happened to my friends pc a few times. I think the hard drive is about to fail, it was getting very loud, but it would only shut down during long games.

The only reason it should just turn off as a result of the FSB being OC'ed, would be because of voltage, but I dont think thats the case here.

WD, most of them have a 3 year warranty. Still got your reciept?
Hey you never know it could be voltage :(

Nope I dont have my bill of sales on me anymore, this card is over a year old :(. I think im just going to email them and ask them if I can send it back.

If not ill just stick this hd in my other pc and use it for my ftp, and get a new one for this pc, any suggestions?