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Harddrive/Chassi cooling ?

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Apr 17, 2001
Hi I got two IBM 45GB Deskstars and one Quantum Fireball 10GB and a Fujitsu 40GB and my chassi is to smal so i have all disk ontop each other. And it gets hot really hot about 55.4°C (nonidle) that i have tested, didnt what to test it any higer. (44.5°C idle). Operating max degrees where 50°C on the IBM disks. Any suggestions how I can lover the temprature ? I thought I could just try a fan but will it be enough ? I'm waiting for a new computer that got two 10033rpm seagate scsi disks and they wont make it any better. And then I will have about 6-8 disk i my chassi warming up things a bit. But if fans is the answer how should I put them and in or out blowing ? By the way I will have a new chassi when my new computer arrives. (Aopen HQ08 http://www.aopen.com/products/housing/hq08.htm ) Anyone who got any good result with it ? (Room temp 23.8°C) (Orded computer http://w1.112.telia.com/~u11204624\comp.txt )
RC3 , that looks like a nice case w/ room for some fans. I have afull tower w/ a I-Storm II HDD cooler blowing in across the HDD and a 120mm Panaflo 69cfm blowhole on top pulling hot air out. ( I have 2 more 120mm fans but those are for CPU and Video cooling.)
You could put a couple of HDD cooling fans in front blowing in, since you are probably mount 2 HDD per bay and a blowhole sucking out. Here are a couple of examples of HDD fans.
Hope this helps.
Da Whip, some "cool" links there thanx. But I-Storm II HDD cooler and the other where for 5.25" drive bay Ì think ? All my 5.25" drive bays will be full... one plexwriter one plextor reader... Pioneer dvd..sb platinum front panel and the best of all Digital DOC 5 Thermal Control panel =) and its full... but I dont mind rebuild my chassi for some extra drive bays the only thing is that it can be hard to rebuild it and make it still looks nice.
Why I need all that hard drive room ? Nice having a lot of space so I dont need to care if things fits on the disk. Wouldnt you like a lot of hd space ?