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Hardware Burn In!

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Jul 23, 2001
Hello fellow folders!

A few years ago the University I work for purchased an HPC. At the time, I did a burn in using good old Folding at Home. It was quite the fun time!

Fast forward a few years and we're bring up another HPC! That means it's time for another burn in! Expect to seem some interesting points being posted over the next few days. This should be fun for our team!

And no worries, all powers that be are aware of the burn in and are okay with it. :D

Too bad it's not permanent hardware. HA!

Damn dude! That's some production spike! We just had the 9am update and he's already made 6 million points today! I think we're looking at close to 16 million ppd.
Hey, at least he is going to blow my doors off in STYLE!!



Well my estimate was a little off, Ramonetb only made over 17 million points yesterday. :eek:

It brought the whole team close to 80 million points yesterday! We just need to find another 300K points.

Fold on people!

Build, Borg, Recruit. :borg:
I spoke too soon, looks like he is back up to full speed, I think the HPC had a brain fart.
I spoke too soon, looks like he is back up to full speed, I think the HPC had a brain fart.

Haha. That's exactly what happened.
Always fun to find these little quirks in new hardware.

Actually, I'm very surprised that the burn-in is still going on. The major points of failure have been found and I've contacted warranty services as well as our contractor for replacement equipment. It's all been approved, but none of it has arrived yet.

So I'm just sitting here, letting it fold away until new shiny boxes show up. :)

On the one hand it's frustrating that things are taking so long to sort out, but on the other it's nice to be able to put up some big points for the team entering into the summer slow down.

Im curious to know. What are the specs on this monster of a machine?
You know it! :rock:

In a nutshell:

50 x Xeon E5-2650 V4 CPU's @ 2.2GHz base.
Total core count: 600.
For a total thread count of 1200.

Total System RAM: 1,856GB.

And a Commodore 64, of course.


I'm jealous! can I remote login for about 5 minutes? ;)