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HARDWARE problem in linux.

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Aug 31, 2002
Cannot install modem in mandrake 9.0/

it doesent even show it in the hardware list. new to linux so need help;)

Cheers, Turando
PCI modems or winmodems and USB modems can be very difficult to detect and install for Linux. I am busy playing with Debian Linux at present and got an external modem for the same price as a pci 2 weeks ago fromhere and have no problems and it is much faster than the pci.
Yeah, if it's a "Winmodem" i'd just go buy an actual hardware modem rather than hoping to get lucky with the winmodem. Winmodems hardly have any processing on the modem itself, it's all run from Windows drivers & depend on the CPU/OS.
thought that would be the case:( always intended on getting an external hardware modem, guess the time has come;)

Cheers, Turando
i do connect at 51k every time though, this might be a hardware modem, but i will still upgrade;)