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Hardwire my AMD 1000

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Dec 12, 2001
Where can I find a good article with pics explaining the bridges that determine the multiplier settings so I can hardwire my Amd 1000 to run at 1333?
Emericana said:
connect the 5 L1 bridges and you have unlocked mult

1GHz cpus have 4 bridges. Infact, all Athlons have 4 bridges only exluding the 1300 B and 1400 B CPUs.

Only Durons and XPs have five.

But yeah, just unlock, hardwiring is eVil and is condemed because people use this to sell overclocked faked CPUs. Not a good thing.

I’m an evil guy!

I have unlocked the chip and have been running it in my abit KT7A for over a year at 1333 but My friend wants to buy it off me and run it in his gigabyte kt133 chip set board that only auto detects the chip so I would like to hardwire it to run on his board. Another thing is that he only has a 100 bus and this chip is running on the 133 bus, incompatible with his board.

I want to buy a low speed Tbred and want to use the money I get from selling this cpu towards buying the Tbred, also it would be an interesting project.
Yeah, hardwiring chips aint all bad. It's a good way to get easy performance for mobos that don't support OC adjustments, especially in this case when you know what speeds the chip will do at respective voltages.
frisco204 said:
can i unlock my 1700+ by connecting those 5 L1 bridges?? or thats for all xp cpus?

Yes you can, that works for all durons/tbirds/xps that arent unlocked when you buy them (only tbirds and tbreds come unlocked).