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Has anybody played Civilation VI yet?

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AKA: JrMiyagi
Sep 25, 2015
I'm a big fan of the Civilization games...haven't bought VI yet.

Has anybody played it yet? What are your thoughts?

Amazing graphics, plays the same as Civ5 apart from having to use city tiles for "districts" where you can use specialist buildings and wonders :) as for performance my setup was doing ~130fps with all settings maxed out @1080p but apparently it does a hardware check and flat out refused to install on my father's older (i3 something) laptop :rofl:
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What game are you playing, Kenrou? It doesn't play like CIV 5 at all in my opinion. CIV 1-4 had a minor learning curve from one to the next. CIV 5 threw me for a loop when I first got it but I learned to love it. CIV 6 has thrown me for an even bigger loop. It is very confusing to me. I'm still struggling to get through a single player game with all these new mechanics. City building requires forethought and pre-planning. Roads are built by trade, not by workers (this is cool and realistic but it grinds my gears big time)... the civics and policies and the way all that stuff works is totally different...

Is it a good game? Yes. It is the best looking CIV of all time. What really blew me away is the animations for the foreign leaders. They are so emotional and so perfect. They are very stylized cartoony individuals with very expressive faces and wonderful dialogue. The Queen of England looks like an anime character. It's just great.

Be prepared to say "WTH is this?" over and over your first few times through the game, to be frustrated, confused, screw up and have to restart... etc.

Add me on Steam if you want to play together. We can suck together hehe. On Steam my name is I Don't Shower and my avatar is the guy from Hitman. I do actually shower that's just my username.
I play Civ5 often so if seemed pretty much the same to me ? bigger tech tree, you need to use diplomacy a lot more, but otherwise normal stuff ?
Sigh - I have to wait for Christmas...my kids know I want the game and are getting it for me!