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Has anyone ever......

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Mar 28, 2002
Smack dab in the center of a non-DSL world.
It seems to me that no one is ever talking about using fiberglass.....you can get it at any autoparts stores...its easy to work with...paints nicely...is there something that Im not seeing.....Im thinking that if you strip the sides and the top off you case and used fiberglass I would say you could come up with some really artistic designs......any thoughts?......maybe Im not thinking right.....lets here it......:beer:


Jun 19, 2001
You should check out the sticky on case mods. TT180 has a SWEET plexicase with rounded corners!!! check it out


Underwater Senior Member
Nov 29, 2001
Fiberglass would be fantastic. You can make almost any shape you want with it, and it'd add a whole new dimension to fan inlets and such.
I used to rebuild snowmobile hoods for friends, and it's really easy to put ductwork and louvers into. One of those paper suits they have in the paint section of the big hardware stores are nice to keep out the fiberdust, and a mask is manditory!

No-one seams to blow plexiglass either. A nice curved or bubbled window mod would look so cool too.

Have at it man!


Jan 9, 2002
bay area
Im sure that there are many different kinds or textures of fibre glass but when they guild body kits for cars the texture is pretty rough... a better solution was to use poly urithane... It bends like crazy and at the end pretty returns to its regular form.. Would that material be a better candidate?