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Has anyone taken the stock fan off of Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS?

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The Faceless Rebel

Mar 3, 2001
If you have taken one off, is it glued on? Do I have to snap the HSF off the core, or can I just pop the pins and the HSF will fall off?

TIA :)
It is glued and held on by little plastic pegs. Here is a safe method of removal;
1. remove the card
2. Place in a ziploc bag.
3. Place in the freezer for 20 minutes.
4. Remove and carefully pry it off w/ a small flat screwdriver.
You should be good to go.
If you are replacing the fan, scrape the heatsink clean of any adhesive and wipe clean w/ eithe rubbing alchol or nail polish remover (perferably acetone based). Use some Artic Silver thermal adhesive.
Bah, I decided one day while switching out memory slots, that I would see how well the HSF on my herc GTS 64meg was glued on. I sat there and gently pulled in a rocking motion. You know, pull left side then the right side then the left side and so on. My HSF poped right off after about 4 seconds of doing this. Fingernail polish remover was what I used to take the thermal tape look-alike off the GPU and the HSF. I then applied some AS2 on the GPU and reattached the HSF. Make sure to take off those plastic pins first before trying this. If you decide to try this like me, make sure to pull at it gently. You will notice it move slowly and then progress until it comes right off. Hell, I even lapped that damn HSF and I can now go from 205/375 to 226/393. I was thinking of putting on a blorb but been hesitant since I am looking at upgrading to G3. I get no less then 8000 on my 3DMark2000 scores now after doing this. I should go get some AS epoxy and do the RAM sinks, but I'm lazy. Give it a try though, it may just pop off like mine.
Well, I experimented a bit. I popped out the push pins and the HSF fell right off into my lap! It looks like Hercules only used thermal grease on my card...and not only that, but the extreme heat from my core turned it into a powdery ruin. Well, I guess since my vidcard hasn't self-destructed whatever happened to the stuff didn't hurt cooling to badly.

So I applied the Arctic Silver to the core and plopped the Blorb I picked up at Fry's for $7.99+tax right on top. I look at the card from the side. Funny, I thought, it looks as if there's a space between Blorb and core. I remove Blorb and discover, to my annoyance, that BLORB IS CONCAVE!!! STUPID BLORB!!!!! So I went ahead and lapped the hell out of Blorb, and stick it back on. No more space between Blorb and core. Yay. Stick card back in system, power up. Nothing shorts out, looking good. Mission accomplished. Now to see how far I can overclock Mr. GeForce...

I will report back with results later. :)