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Has anyone used a multi fan splitter like this

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Sep 23, 2016

In my 10K build I will have 9 4 pin - 140mm fans - this cable which looks like it uses nothing but connectors I.E no electronics looks like it feeds 1 RPM signal back to the mobo which it uses to control the speed of all the fans which is what I want - taking power from the 5.25 inch power connector as opposed to the motherboard to power the fans.

I want to ensure that this can not damage the board as it's worth a grand by its self and that it will rev all the fans up and down at once which I believe it will. I have asked if they have a nine header version as well just for tidiness.

I'm referring to this as the "Pegasus Project" and you will see why when it's completed and I post pictures.

If anyone is using something similar for four pin fans I'd really appreciate knowing how your millage may have varied.

Cheers in advance.
Yes. It was so poorly made that three of the wires broke away from the connectors while I was plugging them in to the fans and two others just didn't work. POS!
I have a four fan version of something like that and it works ok. If you buy a quality cable you should not have problems. I still try to dig up a link for the version I have.
I'm not sure if I could trust such a thing to control that many fans other than a hub.

Have you looked at this?

I feel like I've been down this road before. I have 9 rad fans to monitor and control. Purchased a few splitters from the one mentioned and didn't like the fact my MB only had one true PWM header while I had a splitter for the rad fans and another splitter for the PWM pumps separately. I ended up being in the right place at the right time and purchased a premium controller called Aquaero 6 to monitor, control everything that is part of my loop. I haven't looked back since.

Either way, there are plenty of splitters out there that get powered by the PSU and connect to the MB header for monitoring and control via PWM. Just need to make sure its a splitter with one signal wire otherwise your readings will be erratic.