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Have I busted my pc

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Oct 27, 2016
So I finally finished building my first PC today which was all going well, then the cpu fan on my cooler wasn't showing up in the cam software, so I turned it off unplugged the USB cable and tried a different CPU header. When booted up it said it was the wrong header so whilst on I unplugged it and plugged it into the other one but soon as I touched the header there was a spark and a big bang :( have I blown something? There was no smoke or anything and I can't smell burning

Ive plugged the CPU cooler fan back in now and it seems to have turned on ok, everything seems normal so far apart from the hard drive seems a little noisier
If everything works, then you may have gotten lucky and damaged some non-essential components. only time and testing will tell the full story. Just make sure that temps are fine and no smells or smoke appear.
Cool thanks, hopefully I was lucky then, I was about to cry if I blown it!! With a bang that loud I was thinking that couldn't not do any damage
The fans still seem to work ok, would this mean they are ok? Or could there still be a problem?
The *bang* may have been a capacitor. A thorough visual inspection should test that theory. When they go *bang*, they're pretty easy to spot.
Had a good look and can't seem to see any damage. Had the pc on all day today and played a few games with no problems
you mentioned in the other thread that your motherboard was no longer reporting rpm speeds, so what popped was likely the sensor that reads that information. Nothing essential. It could also have been a capacitor in your PSU, which you will be unable to visually confirm yourself easily.
So the bios and my asus fan app seem to measure the fan CPU rpm it's just the nzxt cam software. I did manage to get it working earlier but it's stopped again, I think this is just something going on with cam