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Have I hit the limit of my 2.53GHz?

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Jun 21, 2002
Lowell, MA
The most I can get right now is 3020MHz @ 1.75V stable. Idle temp is 38 and load temp is 45 with a Swiftech MCX 462 . My memory clock is 159 right now. It's Corsair 3200. Do you guys think I've hit the limit of my cpu or my memory? Maybe my motherboard is a fault because the vcore dips down .1v. I think that might be enough to make it unstable. I can get cpu to over 3.1GHz but it fails prime. So what's the usual limit of the 2.53Ghz? What do you guys think?


Oct 23, 2002
thats a nice overclock. your memory could hit 200 though, that's what its rated for


Mar 20, 2001
You probably hit the limit on that cpu. It's not your ram. You could run that ram at STRAP LOW 3:4 if your motherboard supports it, and you would gain quite a bit in speed and performance.

My CPU is running at 166 fsb, so my ram at 3:4 is running at 222 MHz (x2 = 444 MHz).

My memory bandwidth is almost equal to the fastest rambus rdram out there. (3364 MB/s according to Sisoft Sandra)...