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Have Problem with EPOX MB..... .I think....

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Senior Member
Feb 13, 2001
Hey Guys, Need some suggestions. Today, while playing a D3D game, my Video just blacked out. Rebooting windows seemed to solf the problem, but when I started the same game again, I got another blacked out screen, and the monitor reset. OK no big deal im thinking, ill reload the drivers...
Well I reboot windows, and basically at the point the desktop loads, I get a blacked out screen.
Only could get it to work on Safemode/ basic settings.

Thinking that my Video card, or moniter was the problem, I switched moniters, same problem, put the Video Card in another computer that has a AK12 Shuttle mother board... and it seems to work fine.

Forgot to mention that ive re loaded windows se on the problem child computer, got all the correct VIA drivers off the net, Updated the Radeon driver.. and BOOM same problem :( :(

Ive tried using the fail safe bios settings, im not overclocked, and have not been for a couple weeks..
so I dont' really know what could be causing the problem.

Have I overlooked something here?

Like I said, the video card is working great on my second computer, the one im typing this post with. Works fine with the same game I had the problem with on this computer also.

Do AGP slots "burn out" ? Is it a problem with the Via Chipset? (this kinda goes with the article on the front page... sigh.)

Thanks for any help I get...
Well, thought I would add a update... I tried a PCI video card, a VOODOO3.
I could not get it to even get a signal to either of my moniters, but the card works fine in a second computer. I guess this means the board is dead.

Went ahead and applied for a RGA. Oh well.