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Have You guys ever Seen..........???????

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Feb 2, 2001
A Temp. Monitor That Fits in an Empty Bay and tells You temp of CPU, MoBo, Case, Graphics Card and some other stuff I think.....Anyone know where to get one of these?
Radio Shack does have them, and on sale as a matter of fact. I was just over there a couple days ago.

Don't remember exact price but it was real cheap.

Of course, inventory my vary store to store.
get a nice device called the 'digital doc'.. big thing that sits in a 5.25" bay and has temp probes, fan ports, etc... plycon had 'em.
engjohn (Feb 05, 2001 08:16 p.m.):
Look here
I think that they have what you are looking for. ( sold out right now )

Good place to start though...

I've got one of these in my rig ( CompuNurse 2x). works great. the only drawback to it, (if they are exactly identical, my unit had a different brand name, but looks the same) is it runs on two watch batteries, (one for each probe) with no provision to shut them off. So it runs 24/7. I installed it less than two weeks ago, so I can't estimate battery life. Nor can I verify accuracy completely (my mb doesn't have provision for temp monitoring). I do know that before I first turn on the PC, the probe hanging in the middle of the case I use to measure airflow temp reads the same as the thermometer on the wall, so I'd say its pretty accurate.

Got mine on e-BAY for a couple of bucks less that the site mentioned above. Nice unit.

Mr B
the "CPVue dual" the shack sells for 10 bucks is OK ,but only displays the case temp and the probe only has an alarm ,not a display ,but you can switch the wires on the back and make it the opposite or both for the probe
Yeah, Thanks Peeps. I was Looking for the Digital Doctor 5, Which Someone gave me the Site Add. to The Direct Company that makes them (that you can also get through them) Thanks for all The Help. I knew I saw one on a PC site..But I visit soo damn many couldn't find it again. Thanks Again....And that's no Cigar in my Mouth....Will It's Cigar Paper.