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Have you seen a Lian-Li pc 60

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Apr 23, 2001
Im gutted, green with envy, because I am building a PC with this case and alas its not mine.. The PC is gonna be awesome 1.1 ghz overclocked on a Abit KT7.. why is life so unfair ??

Has anyone else seen this stunning case ?
how does the case perform is it cooler too? I wanted one but it was just too much money! the coolest thing is it only weighs like 5pounds or something silly like that!
That an okay case, but i love my lian-li pc70 case. Full tower, done to perfection. All the screws are thumb screws and you can pretty much break down and take apart everything so installing a water cooling system is easy. Lots of space and looks great. Oh and by the way this thing goes for 250 but a computer store near my house just went out of business and had a massive sale. I got it for 60 bucks, probably one of the best deals i have ever found
The quality is absolutly awesome and the finish can not be faulted and is the same exceptional quality inside and out, even the fans, have filters on them and a speed controller. The case features thumb screws everywhere, and allows the components to be fitted easily. I am certain that the way this case is laid out and where the fans our positioned will seriously help cooling.. Im doing benchmarks later this week and will post info and pics as soon as I can

But seriously, if your in the market for a new case, check this make out because it will very likely be the last case you will ever buy.. its that good !!
I just finished putting my pc60 toghether, they are a real nice case but IMHO need some help with air flow.
I modded mine before I ever tried it out because I didn't want to be disapointed with high temps. After reading about other peoples experiance with them and their temps I had a pretty good idea what needed to be done as I write this the ambient temp is 26C in my computor room and my case temp is 26C Cpu temp is at 38C as reported by VIA hardware monitor.
I'll attach a pic of the 2 blow holes I cut I also changed out the supplied Adda 80MM fans for the Sunnon 44cfm 80MM and added a duct from the side fan to the cpu fan on my ThermoEngine (soon to be replaced by an SK6) I am very happy with the quality of this case inside and out and the temps with minumal modification. I got this case on Ebay for 145.00 plus 18.00 shipping less PSU so I couldn't pass it up.