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having an issue, can ya help me out

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Cisco Kid

Senior Member
Jan 13, 2001
I just bought a second stick of pc2700 Samsung ram. I installed it in dimm 2 but I can not get to desktop. I have a 512 stick in dimm 1. I have tried the 256 in dimm 1 and the 512 in dimm 2 no go, tried the 512 in dimm 3 256 in dimm 1 no go.

I have tried just the 256 in dimm 1 and system hangs on first screen but the ram appears recognized but it does not go any further?/

Any one experience ramm issue using particular dimm slots?? I am using 2619 bios

cisco kid


Oct 10, 2002
Highland Park, NJ
Sounds like the single 256 stick has a bad module...

I know depending on what version of BIOS you use, you can select where to place the memory and in what sequence for slightly higher FSB's, but if you install the single 256 stick and it won't get past the post it has a bad module or the heatsheild(assuming it has one)is shorting one of the modules out...

Cisco Kid

Senior Member
Jan 13, 2001
well looks like I have solved it to a degree, I have both sticks running , but system will not run turbo timing settings it will do fastest setting so I am thinking it may be a v dimm issue for the new ram.

Here are the ram markings

512 stick
Samsung 139

256 stick
Samsung 235

Seems maybe my 256 is not as good as quality?? I will play around some more see what happens...

Cisco KId


Linux challenged Senior, not that it stops me...
Dec 28, 2001
Corner of No and Where
Memory issues are common and tough to overcome- especially when overclocking...

Sounds like the sticks, but in the initial post the question was asked about particular slots: I do NOT have an 8k3a, but all of my 8kha+s run better if I avoid ram slot 2.
They run, but I can get at least 5 or 6 mhz more fsb in my case.

Using one stick of ram does have the advantage of getting rid of the difficulties that sometimes arise when multiple sticks are used.

Top Hat Theater

Jul 24, 2002
Lost in Thought
From the start, it sounded like a vdimm issue to me but it also sounds like there's somethin' bad on the stick. Try upping the vdimm to 2.8 and see what happens.



Feb 18, 2002
Floyd, VA

sammy ram is all over the board, depending on when you bought it.

be happy the two sticks runs together.

i have what appears to be four sticks of identical sammy pc2700 original, two sticks from a local vendor and two sticks i purchased online.

both sets crank, have had both sets to 212 FSB then video tearing becomes a big issue, but try and run an extra stick from either and fill all three slots in my 8k3a+ for 768meg o ram (XP likes ramski) and i get a no boot at ANY fsb, even stock settings.

they even have the exact same chips on the PCB's.

anyway, back to my point, the two sticks may not like each other and i would keep an eye on them for strange behavior down the road.