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Having some problems with my new system, please read...

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Aug 18, 2002
Charlotte, NC
Ok... System specs are in sig. First thing I do when I put it all together is install win98. It installs ok, and everythings good. I go into windows and install video card drivers. It says restart computer so I do. Then the computer never restarts, or it was just taking a lil l;onger than normal, so I stick my head in case and smell. Hmm smells like burning. Turns out im just paranoid. After taking everything out and examining everything's fine. I put it all back together and boot up. Mess around in windows with display options... GO to higher res etc. Then computer turns off when i click "apply" to see how 1600x1200 looks like (never been that high heh). After that whenever I booted up,windows was giving me errors saying my hardware didnt fit the specifications for that resolution etc. I get into safe mode and it changed the normal mode windows to the lowest res and color (16 colors I believe). Even then at those settings im gettin video adapter errors. I couldnt get into normal mode to go to dos so I just reistall windows without formatting. I get it, its like before. I end up doing the same things, but this time installing the mobo drivers first. Same stuff happens, cant get back in,but this time when i boot up, before i even get into windows Im getting windows protection erors. At the moment im installing windows again just so i can get in once and go to dos to format HDD, thinking maybe a 100% fresh start and installing mobo drivers right away may help me. If anyone hasd any tips or ideas please oh please tell me. I asked one person and they said it was probably the motherboard, anything else it could be? Oh yeah, im running my agoi y 0213 xp1600 at 166fsb at 1/5 divider. Temps are in the 30's. Thanks in advance for any advice!
i get that protection error when i push my k62 450 too far. try installing at stock speeds and bump up the speed once you get everything installed. good luck :)
what monitor are you using

and when i reinstall my windows i always do a clean format, everything back to stock speed

i was getting a blue screen of death (in Win XP Pro) after i change my vid card a clean install with format solved everything out