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Having stange DVDrom (or HDD) problems with 133fsb

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Ray McCoy

New Member
Nov 1, 2002
My system:

AMD XP 2200
MSI Kt4v (MS-6712)
(x2) 512mb Cor. XMS 3200C ram
Maxtor 80gig (I think)
Sound Blaster Audiegy
ATI Radeon 9700
Windows XP

Let me start from ther very begining- About a month ago I recieved this computer. i had problems installing games and stuff. Only If I disabled DMA and ran PIO I could install, but it was very slow. So, i went into BIOS and noticed they had a funky set up going. I set everything up to default, and it ran without a hitch. A week later I noticed my system was reading the XP 2200 as a 1500. Doing some research I discovered that you have to manually set the fsb to 133 to get the mobo to identify it right. This is when the problems started.

At 133 whenever I tried installing games or copying big files off the DVD rom, the computer would reboot during the process. No errors or nothing. Trying to figure out what the problem was, I spent time looking at the psu, cpu cooling, and ram but everything seems fine. Ive also tried diffrent BIOS setting but Im not exactly sure what Im doing. I went through a scary incident where I had to take apart the machine to get the the damn cmos jumper which is buried underneath my sound and bluetooth card.

Yesterday, It occured to me this could be a DVD or HDD problem. Maybe the BIOS is setting up them up right. I noticed when I install a game or somthing, right in the middle of the process, my DVD rom will stop loading while the HDD will keep going. The mouse curser will also have a little CD symbol by it. The computer hangs for awhile then reboots like nothing happened.

However, once I change the fsb back to default (100) everything works fine which leaves me to believe there is a problem with the BIOS setting. I wish I had wrote down the settings when i first got the system but Im sort of new at this sort of thing/stupid.

Does anyone know whats going on? In BIOS I have everything set to its 'standard' default except the FSB, which is set at 133. Is there anything else I should be changing?


Senior Member
Jun 8, 2002
Try using different IDE cables, maybe the ones you have now are damaged. Also, setting the DVD-ROM to DMA mode 2 might help, as it forces it to run at ATA 33, which is the speed most (unshielded) cables were made for.

Ray McCoy

New Member
Nov 1, 2002
I can seem to figure out how to change the DMA mode. Is it an option in Bios or windows?