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SOLVED haw many fans do you have

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I just ordered two more fans for my case. That brings the total to four 80mm case fans, an 80 mm psu fan, and my delta 38. I still havent decided whether its worth while to get a cooler for my greenie yet.
768 MB of RAM?? What the heck do you do with your PC anyway?

I own 6 80mm fans, 1 92mm fan, 1 120mm fan (converted to a radial blower), and 1 twin 92mm drive bay cooler, of which I only use 1 80mm fan and the drive bay cooler to float my mobo temperature around 35'C. Previously I had used 3 80mm instead but after changing casings, I found out that 2 of those 80mms were not making any difference in temp. and were thus redundant. Used them instead for my bong.
i use just about all of my ram too. I use my computer to do graphics.
Four 120mm Sunons (need filters!), two 80mm. FOP-32 and whatever is in the power supply.
I currently have 256 meg in mine, but plan on uping that. I am prone to have 15 or more applications up at one time and do some sound editing.

Forgot the one on the chipset(KT7a-RAID) and the one on the video card (Siluro GTS).
Right now I have two 80mm's blowing down form the top of my case onto my radiator and two 80mm fans blowing out form my radiator. Two 80mm's on the side of my case blowing onto my vid card and others. One exaust fan in the back, two fans in my enermax power supply, one fan in my second power supply and one fan in the front of my case.
B52 hehhe naw too quiet. This thing sounds like an A10 warthog Good thing I'v got toggle switches and rheostats on all of them. hehehe As soon as I get a digital camera I would love to show this baby off. I think it's a nice A10 Warthog
One 80mm, Five 120 mm, FOP-32 with YS-Tech, Hard Drive Coolers (heatsink and three 60mm fans), PCI bay coolers under Geforce, Geforce fitted with BLORB running off seperate PSU
2-120s, 1-90, 1-60, cpu fan, PSU fan....going to round some IDE cables soon so hopefully I only have to run 2 of em to stay cool 8)
2 in PSU (Enermax), 80mm & 92mm
2 on GF2MX, a blorb and a 50mm Titan
4 casefans, all 80mm Sunons
1 Titan "Super System Blower", it's a centrifugal "fan" in a 5.25" bay
1 on northbridge, haven't measured :)

10 fans, total.
There will be 5/6 more fans, as I'll get that reservoir/radiator someday, which uses 4 fans. Then is a copperplate that will be used to attach a HSF to my waterblock as a safety measure.
Whoa. 15 or 16 fans...
2 fans - 1 is in the PSU and the other is a stock Intel P3 HSF that I put on my chipset.
Chilled water does the rest, we are talking almost dead silence here :)

I also have a ambient temp water cooled setup with four 120mm Panflow fans 2 for intake and 2 exausting through the rad. PSU fan and Intel sink for chipset. The whole setup is far less noisy then a singal Delta 38 jet.
As of right now, I have 7 fans of in my full tower atx...and it overheats.
1 fan on PSU
1 hsf on CPU
1 fan on Video
4 other fans around the case (2 in, 2 out, a little more coming in than going out)

to fix the overheating i have a desktop fan blowing air into the case.....

Here's what I have on order:

1 gladiator w/delta fan (supposed to arrive tomorrow)
2 ultra high speed sunon 80mm (50+cfm)

hopefully the only prob i have is the hsf on the cpu right now and the gladiator will fix it, but i ordered the other stuff just for the heck of it :)
I have two 60s on the HS
a 120 blowing in on the cards
80 blowing in the front
80 out the ps
and a 92 out the top (blowhole) soon to be a 120
One 120mm Panaflo in through a side-mounted blowhole and one 120mm Sunon blowing out through my radiator at a top-mounted blowhole, usually running at 7v. Not too noisy and temps stay about 2 degrees F over ambient at the cpu. Oh, the Sunon is loud at 12v. I might replace it with a Panaflo 120mm.
I now have 9 fans.

4 x 80mm Fans. 2 in the front drawing in, one on the back pushing out, one on the left hand side panel push air onto the CPU and RAM (new today).

1 x 92mm & 1 x 80mm Fans on the Enermax P/S

1 x 60mm on the CPU and of course 1 x teeny tiny on the Northbridge ;)

1 x Slot cooler next to the video card pulling air off the heatsink.

That's it for now. Probably add a blowhole later on this summer.