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SOLVED haw many fans do you have

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Right now I have 5 fans in my case not counting the fan on my gf2 and the other one on my northbridge. so i guess that would make 7 lol.
cjtune (Jul 09, 2001 09:46 a.m.):
768 MB of RAM?? What the heck do you do with your PC anyway?

I could use like 2 gig, I work with LARGE wav file's.
Duh......Today I've seen a mobo that supported up to 4 or 5 gigs........must have that one (with RAM of course). :D
1 on my northbridge
1 Bl'orb on my vid card
1 Delta black label on my HS
1 120mm 120 cfm intake in the front (with a homemade duct through the front of the case)
2 40mm intake on my "ultimate HDD cooler" in the front
1 Delta Black label next to the cpu on the back of the case for exhuast
1 92mm exhuast above the psu for exhuast
PSU fan
And one slot fan I haven't put in yet (not sure I need it)
A Delta screamer on the CPU, 2 Sunon 92 (front and back), 2-92's blowing in from the side and a slot cooler.
I have 8
1 92 in the front with custom duct work (intake)
2 80 in the back includeing psu (exhaust)
1 one the diamond viper v770
1 on cpu
1 on north bridge
2 in hard drive cooler
have another hdd cooler but no room to mount it lol
zoopa_man (Jul 09, 2001 01:34 p.m.):
Right now I have two 80mm's blowing down form the top of my case onto my radiator and two 80mm fans blowing out form my radiator. Two 80mm's on the side of my case blowing onto my vid card and others. One exaust fan in the back, two fans in my enermax power supply, one fan in my second power supply and one fan in the front of my case.
B52 hehhe naw too quiet. This thing sounds like an A10 warthog Good thing I'v got toggle switches and rheostats on all of them. hehehe As soon as I get a digital camera I would love to show this baby off. I think it's a nice A10 Warthog

I always liked the sound of an A10. No other airplane comes close to sounding like one.
I'm glad no one noticed my poor spelling in the topic box.
Ridenow (Jul 10, 2001 05:25 p.m.):
With Daniel~ around you don't notice after a while.

120mm blowing out card side
80mm pulling under mobo
80 and 92mm in the Enermax
60mm on the CPU
120mm lower front -blowing in
120mm side-blowing air to video and CPU
120mm top if case- blowhole pulling hot air out
92mm lower rear- pulling air out
2-80mm top rear- pulling hot air out
I Storm 2 HDD cooler blowing air over hard drives
Blue orb on video card
Blue orb on the northbridge
AGP Airlift on top of video card
Vantec FCE62540D HSF
The big fans controlled by Diga Doc 5.