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HD 4570 OC problems

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New Member
Dec 30, 2009
Hi, i'm new to this forum, and i'm not english so..i ask sorry in advance to any spelling mistakes i make.

well..i have a Toshiba l500 laptop which has an mobility radeon HD 4570 Gddr3 graphics card..
I was trying to OC this card a bit, so i can sqeeze a bit more performance out of it..but..i wasnt able to success..

I followed this tutorial to enable OC with riva tuner on my GPU: http://twisted-reviews.com/overclocking-ati-mobility-radeon-hd4570-hd4650-hd4670/

But when i change the memory speed i get a screen like this: http://img142.imageshack.us/img142/9068/crashb.png
but on my laptop's screen, and a few seconds later the whole system freezes (the music starts to loop) and the whole screen turns white..

Well..the default GPU memory speed is 800mhz, so if i change it to 801mhz there wouldnt be any problem, right? But when i increase it (even it is only by 1mhz) that screens appears 10-15s after I apply changes..

I tryed to download MSI afterburner, which seems to detect my gpu, but i can only underclock, if i overclock it reverts back to 800mhz..

also..i can change my GPU core clock with riva tuner with no problems..but cant touch the memory..and since the memory is the thing that will give more overal % performance gain i want to OC memory..

so..do anyone know any possible solution for this?

thanks in advance
and enjoy the new year