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HD corruption

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Nov 7, 2002
Could 34.65 mhz pci speed possibly be bad for a hard drive? It's a DeskStar 60 gb hd model # IC35L060AVER07-0. Also, I have "enable write caching" enabled on it. Could that be a problem perhaps?

I am having problems with corruption. I am confident that it is not a virus. First, it was just the registry files that were corrupted, and I could replace those because system restore backed them up every few days. But just today, the file "ntoskrnl.exe" was corrupted and windows would not boot. I noticed that when I accessed a certain directory, the HD would make this funny, repetitive noise. The same noise I hear when a system file is corrupted and windows is trying to boot. Some files were missing from that directory (actually, most of them).

btw, I'm running WinXP Pro SP1
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It takes about 38MHz before hard drive curruption will occour. But I'll let you in on a little secret. If you have a finiky ATA controller card, the controller card may be whats causing the curruption on the system.

finicky ATA controller card? more info plz. I don't have my HD controller in a pci slot. It's the onboard ide controller. Are those not affected by the pci bus? They should be affected, shouldn't they?