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HD destroyed by defective IDE controller?

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Jul 26, 2003
About a year ago I got an ASUS A7S333 motherboard, which I will regret until the day I die. Long story short, it had a defective IDE controller that not only wouldn't install XP on any of seven HDs, but destroyed all the data on a 40GB drive and, apparently, rendered a 22GB drive completely inoperative.

The problem with the 22GB drive puzzles me to this day. It's an old IBM 22GB 7200RPM drive that came wth my old Dell in 1999. I have it plugged in properly with proper jumper settings, and I hear the drive spin up, but I've tried it on several motherboards and none of them recognize it, even in the initial bootup. Is it possible that the defective IDE controller fried the drive interface, and if so, is there any possible way to remedy it? I believe there is data on there that I desperately want to recover, especially as there are raw sample/instrument files for my music production that I haven't been able to find anywhere else.
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repo man11

Dec 28, 2001
Sorry to hear about your problems with that board.

From the sound of things, it is possible that the bad controller fried the drive's electronics.

Short of a very expensive data recovery service, you may get lucky by picking up another of that make and model of drive, and swapping the controller board to yours.

Somewhere in the archives of the frontpage, there is an article where someone did just that.

Good luck.