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HD heatsink?

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May 28, 2004
Hey I had two old computer I ripped apart and spared what I could. So I found a 5cm x 5cm Vantec HSF on an AMD K6. My hard drive is pretty hot so I was wondering if I could just lay the heatsink on top of it w/o thermal paste. I also have a 7cm x 5cm HS w/o a fan. Is it ok to lay these on the HD or will it hurt it?


May 19, 2003
Kingwood, TX
Actually it's pointless. If you put it on the PCB you fry it, and if you put it on top, you take up space and you have labels and suchh to deal with, plus a non-flat surface.

If you just run a simple fan in front of the drive, blowing air over it, you will be better off than most. I don't even have that much, I have a negative-pressure case that pulls air over my 10k rpm SATA drive, and it never goes over 34C, even when I game or defrag. Good ducting and planning airflow in your case will negate any heatsink you could ever stick on a drive.


Grasshoppa Senior
Jan 15, 2004
The truth?? You can't handle the truth!!
its not that pointless, if you are willing to remove the label that is, then it would help, but still I think its overkill. But yeah, dont put it on the PCB or the underside, put it where the label is (remove it for better thermal performance). Just becareful as doing that may damage your hard drive.