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HD question

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Oct 5, 2001
South Dakota
i am getting new mobo posted below in my sig and i was wondering if i am able to switch the current HD i have into the new mobo without formating??
Usually when you install a new mobo, you have to format, Windows won't load correctly, or it'll run half-assed. Its highly recommended you do, be sure to backup everything.
ok.. lol i will post what exactually i am gunna do. i will also be getting a new hd and i will install windows on that and i wanted to make sure i am able to put this HD i got now onto that mobo and not have to format so i can transfer all the info on this HD to that one because i have no way of backing up my files then i just format the one i got now and use it fer LINUX w00t
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well doing a format and reinstall is usually the best option but you can transfer a HD between mobo's but removing all the drivers from device manager and then shutting down(mind you if you reboot windows will add them all in again, so done reboot until you have the HD connected to the new mobo). I've done this a couple of times when I hosed my mobo and borrowed one to replace it until I goot get a new one. Good luck.