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HD recovery?

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Jun 6, 2005
Hey OC Forums. I was wondering if you were able to use an external USB Hard drive case to do hard drive recovery... or is it mandatory to plug it directly to the ide cable. I burned my system 5 years ago and with the prices on external hdd cases going down I'm thinking of getting one to see if I can recover some data on the old hard drives. Any suggestions on an external case and procedures would be greatly appreciated.

Know Nuttin

Senior Member
Mar 25, 2004
Ontario, Canada
it depends on how far gone the drive is. If it's bad and won't spin up properly (click click syndrome), there's not much of a way to get data off of it. You can try the old "freezer" trick but that isn't always successful.

If the drive just won't boot up, then using an external enclosure is fine. You just put the drive in, plug the enclosure to a working PC, and drag/drop files off that are needed.

If the file system is corrupted, do the above but run a recovery program to try to get files off of it.